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booking closed for now - please check back!

Flash rules:
• All my flash designs are repeatable, meaning they may be tattooed more than once
• Flash designs are to be tattooed with no changes to the artwork other than mirroring or resizing (within the listed size range)
• Prices listed below are flat rates for arms and legs only at any size within the size range. Add $100 to listed rates for torso (back/ribs/chest/hip) placement. Flash will not be tattooed on feet, hands, or neck/head areas.

Booking flash:
Use the booking form at the bottom of this page to book flash pieces. Flash booking requests submitted via the main booking form will not be accepted. Limited dates/times are available on a first come, first served basis. To better your chances at selecting a spot, select all dates/times that you would be available.
Please be prepared to pay a deposit to secure your appointment.

Tap (mobile) or hover (desktop) on an image for design name, size, and rate.