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How do I book with you?
Please fill out a booking form here to start the booking request process.
Please note that I typically book about 14 weeks in advance.

Can we schedule an in-person consultation?
I am only doing consultations via email at this time.

What type of tattoos do you prefer to do?
I specialize in small, fine line and single-needle black ink tattoos, with a focus on the mysterious and mystical side of nature. Though I also do soft shading or dot shading, my signature shading style uses scratchy, gestural fine lines to create an organic, hand-drawn look.

Your tattoo request will be more likely to be approved if it fits my style and my preferred subject matter:

• Flora: flowers, plants, trees, fungi (especially herbs or unusual plants)
• Fauna: animals of any kind
• Space: moons, stars, planets, celestial elements
Script (especially cursive and fineline)
Characters or elements from cartoons/anime/manga

Please, no requests for:
• Perfect/clean geometry with a computer-printed look
• Full color pieces – I very rarely work with color and will only use it as a slight accent
• Color outlines or color script
• Tattoo cover-ups
• Copies of another tattoo artist’s work or copies of a custom tattoo I created

What is your design process?
I focus on custom tattoos, meaning I draw each piece to be unique to each client. The process will depend on how collaborative you would like to be.

If you prefer to be a little more hands-off, I appreciate your trust! I will ask you a few questions to determine some basic design features but will source my own references.
Or you may provide design direction by:
• Sending reference photos. Images can be photos of the subject you would like to have tattooed or photos of similar tattoos or drawings that you like (for style or subject).
• Sending sketches or photo collages if there is a specific layout that you have in mind. (Rough sketches/collages are totally OK!)
• Sending fonts that you like or sourcing your own font choice.

I am also happy to work with finished drawings, as long as you are the original artist or have written permission from the original artist to get their work tattooed.

I will send a draft of your drawing or font options to you 1-2 days prior to your appointment so that we can work on finalizing the design/font.
The final design will be shown to you in person at your tattoo appointment. I set aside extra time for each appointment in case additional updates are needed.

Can I get a tattoo design from you to be tattooed by another artist?
Thanks for your interest in my work! I am not comfortable with having my designs tattooed by another artist. Each tattoo artist has their own unique style, and the way I draw my pieces is honed to match my tattooing techniques.

What is your rate?
My current rate is $400/hour and I have a $400 minimum for all tattoos. If you are working with budget restrictions, please include this information on the form and I will let you know if we can execute your idea at or under your budget.

I want multiple small tattoos. Can I book them all in a single session?
I can accommodate a maximum of two designs per tattoo session, depending on requested size and complexity of design.

What payment methods do you accept?
For deposits, I accept Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay, or credit card (via Square).
On the day of the tattoo, cash is preferred but I also accept Venmo, PayPal, credit card, or tap payments (Google/Apple/Samsung Pay).

What is the tipping policy?
NOTE: this is my personal policy only and does not necessarily apply to any other artists -
Tips are greatly appreciated but not expected! I understand that getting a tattoo can be a big investment and that not everyone can afford to factor a tip into the budget.
As an alternate way of showing your appreciation, please consider leaving a positive review on Google/Yelp and/or paying with cash.
When working with other artists, please note that general etiquette is to tip at least 15% - 20% of the total tattoo cost (including deposit).

How should I prepare for my tattoo? How should I care for my tattoo once it is done?
Please review my Prep/Aftercare page here.

What is your touch-up policy?
I offer lifetime free touch-ups on all of my work except on fingers/hands, feet, and ears (cartilage or lobe).
Work must be healed for at least 4 weeks before a touch-up.