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I was born and raised in five different suburbs across North America. In pursuit of a career in art, I moved to San Francisco in 2003 and earned my BFA at the Academy of Art University.

I specialize in small, fine line and single-needle black ink tattoos, with a focus on the mysterious and mystical side of nature.
I work in a minimal realism style, using concise organic linework and light shading to capture the essence of my subject matter in a unique hand-drawn style.

Preferred subject matter:
• Nature

◦ Flora: flowers, plants, trees, fungi (especially herbs or unusual plants)
◦ Fauna: animals of any kind
◦ Space: moons, stars, planets, celestial elements
• Handwriting
• Script (especially cursive and fineline)
• Characters or elements from cartoons/anime/manga

Please, no requests for:
• Human figures (other than existing characters from cartoons/anime/manga)
• Perfect/clean geometry with a computer-printed look
• Full color pieces – I very rarely work with color and will only use it as a slight accent
• Color outlines or color script
• Tattoo cover-ups
• Copies of another artist’s work or copies of a custom tattoo I created