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*Due to overwhelming demand (thank you!) I am not currently booking weekend appointments.

Thanks for your interest in booking with me! Fill out the booking form below to start the process.

Please allow approximately 72 hours for a response. I reply to all submissions, so if you do not receive an email back, please check your spam folder and/or verify that your form was submitted. If your idea is approved, I will reply with next available appointments.
I am currently booking about 14 weeks in advance.

Please be prepared to pay a deposit of $200 to secure your chosen date/time. More info and a copy of my deposit agreement will be provided to you once we reach this point in our correspondence.

My current rate is $400/hour with a $400 minimum for all tattoos.

Please note that due to COVID-19 related restrictions, I am unable to accommodate joint appointments for the foreseeable future. All clients must attend their appointments alone; our indoor waiting area is not available at this time. You may refer to our COVID-19 safety protocol for more details.