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faq - COVID-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Black Serum has been closed since March 17th and will remain closed until further notice.
Although we are extremely hygienic and specially trained to prevent the spread of pathogens, tattooing requires close personal contact for extended periods. For the health and safety of our clients and crew, we fully support the City's cautious approach. At this time, we do not have a new possible reopening date. You may view the City's latest updates on
If you had an appointment scheduled for March 17th through July, I know that you have been looking forward to it (as I have) and may have made other plans around it. I sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience as we all adjust to this constantly evolving situation.

When will you start to reschedule appointments?
Once Black Serum has a confirmed reopening date, I will reach out to offer the option of rescheduling your appointment. We currently do not have a projected timeline for reopening.
To best manage rescheduling everyone affected, all my bookings are on hold: I am currently not taking any new appointments for tattoos, consultations, or touch-ups, and I will only start booking appointments once we have a solid timeline for reopening.
Clients with appointments originally scheduled during our closure will be prioritized. New appointments will be opened only after all existing appointments have been rescheduled.

What will be the rescheduling process for affected appointments?
In an attempt to schedule appointments in the fairest way possible, I plan to contact each of my affected clients in order of date/time of previously scheduled appointments.

Will there be adjustments to the deposit agreement that I agreed to?
Yes - for tattoo appointments with a deposit that were originally scheduled for March 17th through the end of our closure, there will be no penalty to you for the rescheduling of your appointment. Your deposit will be forwarded to your newly selected date and it will not count as a reschedule on your end. (Please note that if you have already rescheduled your appointment once for unrelated reasons, that has already been counted as your one free reschedule per the deposit agreement.)
Because our priorities are all shifting, I also fully understand if you wish to completely cancel your appointment at this time. You may choose to cancel any time prior to selecting a new appointment date. I am happy refund your deposit to you immediately and hope to work with you in the future.
Once your appointment has been rescheduled, regular deposit agreement terms will apply except in case of illness. More detailed terms will be provided when you are contacted for rescheduling.

Can I work with you on a new tattoo design while the shop is closed? / Can I see my design early?
I am not working on any custom designs during the shelter-in-place. I'm currently focused on other projects and have lightened my workload to help maintain my mental and emotional well-being through these unpredictable times. Thanks for understanding!

Is there a way for us to help out artists and others affected by closures during this time?
Many of my fellow tattoo artists are offering other art forms for sale (prints, original art, etc.) and there is some really amazing work out there! If you are able to purchase from artists that you follow on social media, I am sure it would be greatly appreciated as many of us have lost our source of income.
If you have the means, I also recommend:

• Buying gift cards from your favorite small businesses that are closed
• Shopping online from local gift shops or book stores that are closed but still shipping
• Ordering take-out/delivery from restaurants that are open
• Taking online classes from fitness coaches, dancers, writers, etc., - whatever you're interested in!

Please also be kind to people working in essential services, including those in the medical field as well as grocery store/pharmacy/hardware store/construction/janitorial/caregiver folks! They are enabling us to shelter safely and comfortably in our homes.
We are supporting each other and our global community through this, truly.

I also want to thank everyone who has reached out to me personally during these uncertain times. I cannot express in words how grateful I am for all of your overwhelming generosity and kindness. I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to build a safety net for emergencies such as this, so I hope that your support can be redirected to those who are more negatively impacted.

Hope to see you all at Black Serum soon!